Nature’s Hugs

By Dawn Scholz

Hardback – Coming Soon (Est Jun 1st) – PREORDER NOW

Playing mindfully in Nature, these two tiny humans each share their awareness of nature’s gifts with the clarity that only children can.  They experience Nature through all five primary senses and even use their sense of wonder and humor to better understand Nature. 

Filled with gratitude and generosity and realizing how Nature hugs them in so many ways, these little ones, figure out ways to hug Nature back. Not only will you enjoy reading this vividly illustrated primer on Nature’s benefits, being present, loving awareness and taking care of our planet, your child will love it so much, they will soon be reading it too and coming up with more ways to enjoy and take care of our natural world.

You Talkin’ To Me?

By Sara Burns

Hardback – 210×210 mm 

Meet Matt! A curious young boy with a bright and inquisitive mind. One day, while visiting the beach with his mom, he had some burning questions that only one person could answer…”I wonder what it’s like out there in the ocean? What would I see if I was a fish?” The more he thought about it, the more he could almost imagine he was swimming way out beyond the waves. Enter his new friend Water!

Together they dive into a new epic adventure to discover the incredible importance Water has within the ocean! Join them as they meet intriguing new animals and learn more about the environment, the importance of recycling, how water helps the planet, and also discover some of the troubles that our oceans face today.

You Talkin’ To Me? is a fun-filled story, brimming with vivid, beautiful illustrations that help children explore and learn about water and the ocean. The book offers gentle suggestions that encourage kids to help recycle, reduce their plastic use as well as educate them about the environment.