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Children's Book Illustration Pricelist

With our children’s book projects, each book can vary in design and price. The price list below is a rough guide for authors to work out their budget needed for us to bring their story to life. All children’s book illustration projects come with free formatting.

Pricing Information

All children’s picture books need pages that end in an even number. Most children’s books are 32 or 36 page books, the minimum is 24 pages. Within those pages you will need to have a copyright page, a title page, a dedications page and usually an author bio.

Based off this information, the very minimum of illustrations needed for a full picture book is 10 double page spreads.

Eg: 24 page book : Copyright Page – Dedication – Title Page – Main story (20 pages – which can be 10 double page spreads) – Author Bio – Cover (a spread from internal pages)
This would make the cheapest project possible 10 x £100 (Simple Double Page Spreads) = £1000*
*This is just a guide to show the very minimum needed, however it is suggested to use 18-21 illustrations, with a mixture of single and double page spreads to fully illustrate all aspects of the story.

However the suggested and average project would be:

Eg: 32 page book: Copyright Page – Dedication – Title Page – Main story (28 pages – which can be 10 double page spreads, 8 single pages) – Author Bio – Cover (A new double page spread illustration)
This would make the average project 11 x £110 (Intricate Double Page Spreads, including cover) = £1210 plus 8 x £100 (Intricate Single Pages) = £800. Total of £2010.

All projects are different, so please feel free to email us with an enquiry. We will read through your manuscript, explore your options and explain how we would suggest bringing your book to life. An added bonus is all of our Children’s Book projects come with free formatting!

Payment information

We require a 50% deposit to start the project, then the final 50% upon complection. Payments are accepted through Paypal or Direct Bank Transfer. We work with clients from all over the world, so please do not be put off that we are based in the UK. All projects come with a contract which outlines a deadline, author and illustrators rights and pricing.

Book Formatting Pricelist

If you have worked with a separate illustrator who do not provide formatting, or have a chapter book that you need professionally formatting before publication, we can help!

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